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    Half a century has passed since the Shield was born. It gives me great pleasure to write an introduction for the present volume. Fifty years is a short while in the history of man but is certainly not negligible in the history of the School magazine. It is gratifying to see how the Shield reflects the evolution of the school, especially of its student body, from a fairly primitive stage to one that is as sophisticated as it is. In this respect, I must congratulate all those who have worked for the Students' Association and the Shield, for their effort will be remembered and will continue to bear fruit for years to come.

   The ideals of the school are to help every student to identify himself as a brother of his fellow men, to discover his real interests and develop his own strengths for the good of the world. The present volume of the Shield shows that our students can, and do, grow up happily and healthily under these guiding principles. I invite the readers of the following pages to share with us the joy of being a Wah Yan student.

   I wish to congratulate Tse Lap Tak and Lee Pui Chung on their success. I wish to thank all the teachers and students for their zeal and effort without which the fine tradition of the Shield could not have been carried forward.

Norman So